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Meditation by the sea



  1. To encourage the teaching and appreciation of all religions and philosophies

  2. To demonstrate the truth of eternal life through communication with Spirit

  3. To foster individual communication with the Creative Source


  1. The Kingdom of God is within.

  2. The universe is one – visible and invisible.

  3. Heaven and Hell are states of consciousness and are experienced as one obeys or disobeys Divine Law.

  4. The Law of Cause and Effect is real and just.

  5. Truth is to be found in all religions.

  6. That man shall know there Is no death, only eternal life.

  7. Spirit communication is real and is governed by the Law of Attraction.

  8. Spiritual healing is possible and is facilitated by the Holy Spirit.

  9. Man has never lost his Divine Nature; he has forgotten it.

  10. We acknowledge one Supreme Being, the Creative Source.

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